Final Update: The GeekAustin E-nauguration Party

Submitted by Lynn Bender on Thu, 01/15/2009 - 12:00am

As I said in the past. This is not a partisan affair. All you folks who used Twitter, Meetup, Facebook, Myspace, and similar tools to mobilize and communicate with your fellow voters, and to help educate your candidates, this party is for you.

Here's the news. We open the doors at 6:00PM for drinks and conversation, but have a variety of stuff -- and a few surprises -- going on throughout the night. This is going to be like three parties in one. You can RSVP here.

The GeekAustin Inaugural Tweetup - with Omar Gallaga and Tom Serres

Twitter played a big part in this campaign. So for all of Austin's twitterati, we'll be having a party within a party -- or rather, a party on top of a party -- up on the newly-enclosed roof at UP. The GeekAustin Inaugural Tweetup will be co-hosted from DC, by Tom Serres (tomserres) of Piryx, and from Austin, by Omar Gallaga (omarg). In the last year, with his coverage of SXSWi and his segment All Tech Considered, Omar has become a great ambassador for Austin's tech/media community. These guys were my first choice, and I'm happy that they both accepted. Although not necessary, there is a separate RSVP page for the Tweetup.

Get Shot in the BoomBoom Room! - with Dubnautica and Michael Cummings

Speaking at SXSW and don't have a good picture to send?. Start 2009 with a new headshot -- courtesy of Piryx. Crack event/portrait photographer Michael Cummings, of The Creative Space, will be offering free head-shots in the BoomBoom Room. Normally, you would pay for a sitting with Michael, but your friends at Piryx are picking up the tab. To help set the mood, GeekAustin fave Dubnautica will be laying down the soundtrack. If you see Naveed, tell him thanks and buy him a drink.

Le Ren and Panjoma - 8:30PM in the main room

If La Femme Nikita were a love story, Le Ren would be the soundtrack. DETROIT-born and built on love in 1996, sophisticated shoegazers Le Ren were formed when Nardo rocked the 4-track with tones that filled the sky with stars. Le Ren is on a mission! Find out what it is. Nardo tells me that Le Ren will be going on at 8:30PM. This is going to be a rare performance, so if you come early, plan on staying around to check them out.

Following Le Ren, will be Panjoma (myspace), who will fill the room with delightful beats and crunches. You can read about Panjoma in the Austinist -- or you can come to the party and check them out. Psst - it's ok to dance.

Geekaustin 2009 E-nauguration Party
co-hosted by Piryx and the Austin Electronic Music Grid.
Tuesday, January 20, 2009, 6:00pm - ??
Location: Union Park Austin - 612 W. 6th St.
Valet parking will be available.
RSVP at Facebook