GeekAustin/Piryx E-nauguration Party! Wow. Were you there?

For a while, I was afraid that I wouldn't make my own party. Cedar Fever had pretty much knocked me out, but after a few benedryl and an afternoon nap, I was ready to go.

Juan Sequeda and Jana Thompson: Is the Semantic Web necessary (and feasible)?

Following our launch party for Semantic Web Austin, We've been wanting to do a follow up interview with the group's founder, Juan Sequeda. This interview was conducted by GeekAustin's resident ontologist, Jana Thompson. - LinearB

GA interviews Alex S. Jones of Refresh Austin

GeekAustin: Well, the big news is that Refresh is moving to Buffalo Billiards. I think a lot of folks would prefer a beer or whiskey to an espresso in the evening. I was happy to hear of the change.


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