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Austin Drupal Monthly Calendar

1st Thursday - Austin Drupal Dojo
2nd Thursday - Austin Drupal Newbie Meetup
2nd Thursday - Austin Drupal Dojo
3rd Wednesday - Austin Drupal Meetup
3rd Thursday Austin Drupal Dojo
4th Thursday Austin Drupal Dojo

Austin Drupal Groups

Austin Drupal Meetup (Meetup)
This group meets monthly at Cospace.

Austin Drupal Newbie Meetup (Meetup)
Fito Kahn hosts a monthly meetup for Newbies.

Austin Drupal Dojo
A weekly get together for Drupalistas to practice their technique and improve their skills. The group meets every Thursday night (except for the 2nd Thursday) at Triumph Cafe. Bring your laptop! Bring your questions! Hosted by GeekAustin.

DrupalCamp Austin
The first DCA was held in in November 2009. Hopefully, we'll see another one this year. If you missed it, you can catch the Drupal Camp Austin videos on Vimeo

Austin Drupal announcement and mailing lists aka g.d.o./austin
If you are a Drupal designer/developer or are working to become one, you need to be a member of this group. This is the main place to communicate with the local Drupal community.

Facebook: Austin Drupal Users

Facebook: Central Texas Non-Profit Drupal Users

Facebook: Drupal Texas

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LinkedIn: Austin Drupal Users Group

Austin Drupal design and development firms

Four Kitchens
I don't know where to begin. There is some serious rockstar talent at FK. Their tagline says that they build big websites, but that's just the beginning. Locally, they were the main force behind DrupalCamp Austin. Their web chefs can also be found working on the infrastructure, documentation, redesign, and security teams.

Volacci is a Drupal SEO firm. You could say that they are the Drupal SEO firm. Founder and CEO, Ben Finklea, is a frequent speaker at conferences and wrote the first book on Drupal SEO: Drupal 6 Search Engine Optimization.

If you go to any of the local Drupal get togethers, you're likely to meet some of the EnterMedia guys. Not strictly a Drupal firm, EnterMedia also has expertise in CSS frameworks, Flash, Actionscript, HTML, XHTML, dynamic JavaScript, server side PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, XML, Fox Pro, MySQL, Oracle, as well as print media.