GeekAustin/Piryx E-nauguration Party! Wow. Were you there?

For a while, I was afraid that I wouldn't make my own party. Cedar Fever had pretty much knocked me out, but after a few benedryl and an afternoon nap, I was ready to go.

A few hours before the party, crack photographer to the Austin tech scene, Eugene Hsu (@heuge) contacted me to let me know that he was a victim of allergies as well -- and wouldn't be making the party. This threw me into a bit of a panic. Although Michael Cummings (@michaelcummings) would be shooting headshots in the Boom Boom Room, we had made no arrangements to have someone shoot the party; and if no one shoots the party, it's like it never happened -- right?

Whurley (@whurley) went back to his car to get a camera, and no sooner than he got back, Imelda Bettinger (@imelda) (co-host of PhotoCamp Houston) showed up sporting a camera with a lens the size of my head. Imelda took some great shots of the party. You can view her photos on facebook or flickr). Pretty soon after, Lani Rosales showed up with a camera (her photos), then Kelly Saccomanno (her photos), then the room was full of cameras. Wee!

When I saw the initial RSVPs for the party, it looked like a who's who of Austin's twitterati. Since my co-host, Tom Serres of Piryx, got tickets to the big inaugural ball in DC, we decided to hold an Austin-DC tweetup -- a party within a party. Tom, who had mentioned the party several times during his interview with CNN, would be co-hosting from the ball in DC, and Omar Gallaga (@omarg)would co-host from Austin. We'd set up TweetDeck on the roof, so we could all communicate via hashtags (#enaug09). Tom and I originally wanted to have a qikcast along with the tweetcast, but didn't get everything configured in time. In fact, nothing went according to plan. Fortunately, Ricardo Guerrero (ggroovin) came through, at the last minute, with a TweetDeck-configured laptop and projector -- and we were good to go!.

This being an inaugural party, Mayor Pro Tem Brewster McCracken stopped in to say hello and wish us well.

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With Dubnautica making sounds, and Michael Cummings making photos, even the BoomBoom Room was crowded.

Courtesy of Tom Serres and Piryx, Michael Cummings shot portraits all night long.

It's hard to believe that I've known Alex Jones (@baldman)and Paul Menard (of Refresh Austin) for only a year. We've become good friends and co-hosted several events.

Tweetup co-host Omar Gallaga with Caroline Valentine. Omar covered covered the party in his column So did Michael Barnes. Michael mentioned that he was surprised people recognized him. Heh. I've been reading his column for longer than I can remember. Sorry I didn't get to meet him.

The indefatigable Michelle Greer (@michellegreer). 2008 would have been entirely different had we not met. Her current project is the Austin Twestival. Help her provide clean drinking water for those who need it.

Although I left at 10:30, the party went on for several hours more. However, by the time I left, it was already getting pretty crazy. If that sofa could talk.

I want to say a special thanks to everyone who helped make the party happen: Greg at Union Park, Whurley, Michelle, Tom Serres and Piryx, Michael Cummings, Omar Gallaga, Ricardo ggroovin Guerrero, April Kyle, Heather Frankovis, Adelle Rodriguez, Vanessa Avila, Mary Abshier of Panjoma, Nardo Nardolicious of Le Ren, Sky, and all the folks who came out. It was a blast.


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