Upcoming GeekAustin Classes

Upcoming Classes

Introduction to Bash Shell Scripting (Begins January 9, 2012)
For those already familiar with the Unix/Linux command line, the bash shell provides a way to automate basic system tasks -- like scheduling backups, etc.
A basic knowledge of the Linux command line is required for this class, but no prior background in programming is assumed.

Intermediate PHP Programming (Begins January 12, 2012)
Taught by Josh Butts. This is a followup to the GeekAustin beginning PHP class.

Introduction to SQL using MySQL (February 6, 2012)
Taught by Mark Lehmann and Boyd Hemphill

Ruby on Rails (Early 2012)

Introduction to PHP Programming (TBD 2012)
Taught by Josh Butts of the PHP Meetup group. This class focuses on the core language, and lays the ground work for those who would like to become PHP programmers. This class is also suitable for those who work with PHP-based content management systems like WordPress/Drupal, and would like to feel more comfortable looking at the underlying code. For more details and registration info, visit the Eventbrite page:

MySQL Associate Certification Prep (Spring 2012)
Taught by Mark Lehmann and Boyd Hemphill

Beginning jQuery (Early 2012)
Details forthcoming

Introduction to Git/GitHub (Early 2012)

Past Classes

MySQL Command Line tips and tricks (November 2011)
Many web designers and develops learn to interact with MySQL through an graphical interface -- usually with limited functionality. To truly take advantage of the power of MySQL, it is necessary to learn the suite of available command line tools.

If there is a particular class you are interested in, and wish to be notified when it is scheduled, simply send a note to classes@geekaustin.org