Data Day Texas!

Ever since the first Data Day Austin, folks have been asking when the next one would be. Well, it's time. The first DataDay had 225 attendees. I am guessing that we'll need a bigger space this time.

The event is tentatively set for the 2nd half of October. I'm reviewing my global event list and a few other calendars to make sure that we don't pick a conflicting date.


We had so many people come from San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas for the first event, that I decided to correct my mistake of the first event, and simply call this one Data Day Texas.

By the community, for the community

To ensure that the event serves the community's best interest, I've enlisted the support of a group of local advisors: Shion Daysarkar of Big Data Houston, Matt Dennis and Tyler Hobbs of Cassandra Austin, Steve Watt of the Austin Hadoop/Big Data User Group, Sandeep Parikh of Austin NoSQL Austin, Mark Lehmann and Boyd Hemphill of MySQL Austin, and Davin Potts of Stipple. These guys are some of the most in-touch guys I know when it comes to the Texas data scene.

Tell me what topics you want to see covered. Tell me what speakers you'd like to see. Tell me what new skills you want to walk away with. Send me a note at

If your company is interested in supporting Data Day Texas, send me a note at letting me know what you'd like to get out of the event. Don't wait too long though. Last time we filled all the sponsorship slots 4 months before the event.

We'll be hosting another Austin Big Data Drinkup in late May/early June. Join the Big Data Austin Linkedin Group to get on the invite list.