Help the GeekAustin classes find a new home

As you many of you know, the GeekAustin classes began in 2009 as a free community service. When Cospace opened a few years back, we made them the primary home and first choice venue for the classes. Cospace is a clean well-lit space, convenient to most everyone in the Austin area, and they were gracious hosts. Because of our partnership, the GeekAustin classes have flourished. We've been able to host dozens of classes in topics like MySQL (beginning and advanced), PHP (beginning and intermediate), Ruby on Rails, Shell scripting, Linux, deployment in the cloud, etc. We have been fortunate enough to have the top local experts in each technology lead our classes. The only problem we encountered was that the demand for classes exceed the number of available evenings at Cospace.

We were recently informed by Cospace that they are now launching their own series of tech classes. They have simultaneously increased the amount they charge us for their space by 50%. We began charging for the GeekAustin classes so that we could host them in a professional space, and pay top teachers what we thought they deserved. We have no desire to raise the costs further, pay the teachers less, or increase the number of students per class. Consequently, we find ourselves in search of new venue(s) for the GeekAustin classes.

We are looking for one or more spaces in the Downtown / North Central area. In addition to financial compensation, we can offer a variety of additional perks. If you know of any venues which you think might be suitable, please contact me directly at:

Lynn Bender