Dan Tecuci of IBM speaking at NLP Community Day

Dan Tecuci, NLP Engineer at IBM Watson Health, will be giving the following talk at NLP Community Day: Teaching ChefWatson not to 'skewer the tequila'

Dan graduated from UT Austin with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. During that time he contributed to the development of several large scale AI projects: Project Halo - knowledge acquisition and question answering in scientific domains (funded by Paul Allen), RKF, and Calo (precursor of Siri). He then moved to Siemens Corporate Research where he led the development and deployment of a natural language QA system for Siemens Energy Service. Also at Siemens, he developed a prototype system for accurately diagnosing heart diseases from patient data. Dan joined IBM Watson in 2014, where he led the development of Question Answering from tables and then moved onto fixing recipes for IBM ChefWatson. His main areas of expertise are knowledge representation and reasoning, question answering, NLP, and complex knowledge indexing and retrieval. He now works for Watson Health where he is applying learning and reasoning techniques to problems in the Life Sciences domains.

For more details, check out the NLP Community Day page.