Melanie Tosik of WayBlazer at NLP Day Austin

Just confirmed: Melanie Tosik (linkedin), NLP research engineer at WayBlazer, will be speaking at the upcoming Natural Language Processing day in Austin.

Speaker bio: Melanie's team at Wayblazer focuses on developing complex, real-world applications of natural language processing and machine learning. Melanie spends most of her time designing and implementing semantic microservices which accurately extract context, intent and relevant concepts from natural language queries. In addition, Melanie employs a variety of machine learning algorithms to enrich user queries with vast amounts of previously unstructured data. Before she came to Austin, Melanie studied computational linguistics at the University of Potsdam. Rowing and gardening are her favorite free time pursuits.

Details at registration for NLP Day are here: Natural Language Processing day

btw: Wayblazer is seeking to hire an NLP Research Engineer.