MySQL vs. PostgreSQL : the Smackdown

It began at the Afterparty

At the Afterparty for the first Data Day Austin, a *friendly* debate occurred concerning which was better: MySQL or PostgreSQL. The participants could not have been better matched:

For PostgreSQL: Jim Nasby, the highest profile and most in-demand PostgreSQL engineer in the Central Texas Area.
For MySQL: Boyd Hemphill, Chief Systems Architect at FeedMagnet, co-organizer of the MySQL Meetup and instructor for the GeekAustin SQL/MySQL classes.
The Referee: Joe Celko (wikipedia page), author of more books on SQL than I can count. I've been a huge fan of Joe's for years. I can't imagine a person better suited to referee this relational slapfest.

The Smackdown

My friend Michelle Greer curated the NoSQL Smackdown at Flip Kromer's SXSW Data Cluster party two years ago, and in doing so, started a tradition. With her blessing, GeekAustin has carried the tradition on at the Austin Data Party.

The Austin Data Party

For the Austin Data Party this year, there was no question what the Smackdown would be. I asked Boyd, Jim, and Joe, if they would get up on stage and do it again. They all said yes. Think: Relational Data Meets MMA.

MySQL vs. PostgreSQL? We'll be settling the debate for once and for all (just like vi vs. Emacs). If you want to witness this friendly debate, join us at the Austin Data Party.

The Smackdown will take place at 6:30 pm.

The MySQL vs. PostgreSQL Smackdown
at the Austin Data Party
Sunday, March 11, 6:30pm
705 Red River Street Austin, TX 78701
Note: you must RSVP at Eventbrite to attend this event